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Love You More, Inc.®


Mission Statement:  The Love You More Inc. mission is to promote women’s empowerment within the community, with a focus on Self-Development, Overcoming Adversity and Identifying Areas of Motivation. 

We serve youth, young adult and adult women, helping them navigate the challenges that come with becoming a self sufficient, strong, loving, empowered woman.  We are here to help them become the women they want to be.  

Our Members are individuals who want to support our mission, attend our events and in some cases provide mentoring to our youth and young women.  Click here to join us!

Our Sponsors are companies who want to assist Love You More, Inc.® in its mission to empower young women.  Click here to learn more about our sponsorship options! 

About our Founder, Crystal Brooks...

Crystal Brooks is a woman committed to helping other women. She has embraced her journey to self-love and wants to guide other women along the way.


Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Landover, MD Crystal grew up in a picture-perfect household. Her mother was the first Black female police officer on Capitol Hill and her father worked at a distribution center for one of the region's largest grocery suppliers. With more than a decade between her brother and her, Crystal rarely had to ask twice when she wanted something. She always had a bed to sleep in, warm food to eat, and stylish clothes to wear. She never left the house without a smile and was well-liked among her peers. Her mother taught her to be strong, no matter the circumstance and this helped her bury the truth of her home life for many years.


At the age of 5, Crystal was molested by a family member, which was a precursor to years of physical and mental abuse from her father. He struggled with substance abuse and Crystal was often the target of his withdrawal-induced rage. She was taught the old-school adage that "What happens at home, stays at home." So, it wasn't until she became a wife and mother, that Crystal felt comfortable sharing the truth about her upbringing.


Raising two daughters inspired Crystal to move from victim to victor. At age 20, Crystal married a man, five years her senior, and left behind the physical and mental abuse to create a safe and secure home of her own. A few years into the marriage her husband was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder. He refused treatment as Crystal shouldered the burden of trying to “fix” him and maintain a loving home for their two daughters. Over time, Crystal lost sight of herself and began to lose control of her own emotions. She sought comfort in family and friends but after wearing the mask of strength since childhood, no one understood when she was the one in need of a shoulder to lean on. In 2012 Crystal realized she had become a shadow of herself and was not providing the example she wanted her daughters to follow. She began prioritizing her needs and was officially divorced in 2013.

At this point, Crystal viewed love through the hurt and pain from her past. She took the time to rediscover herself and set new goals. She developed a new vision for her life and realized self-preservation was more than a survival tactic. She had learned the importance of loving herself, so she can love others better. In December 2016, Crystal got remarried to a man who has shown her a love she couldn't have imagined. He loves her children and has taken an active role in their lives. He provides an example of unconditional love and doesn’t expect Crystal to shrink herself or shoulder the entire household. In 2018, they welcomed their son into their blended family of love.


Crystal started Love You More, Inc®. to help nurture women as they become resilient, empowered, and loving individuals. She wants to show women how to choose themselves when no one else does and provide a network of support. Most importantly, she wants women to learn that no matter the battle, choosing to love yourself is always a step in the right direction.

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